DILLIGAF Skull Apparel - DILLIGAF Silver Skull Jewelry

What does DILLIGAF mean?

DILLIGAF Stands for - Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck

Most Bikers, Skate Boarders and Hot Rodders know what DILLIGAF stands for, and now you know too.

DILLIGAF - it’s all about the attitude!

WickedSkulls DILLIGAF will show everyone that you’ve got the attitude.

Wicked Skull DILLIGAF Shirts
Wicked Skulls Vampire Skull DILLIGAF Patch and Decal NOW AVAILABLE

DILLIGAF Evil Skull with Guns Decal

Wicked Skulls Vampire Skull DILLIGAF Patch and Decal NOW AVAILABLE


DILLIGAF Wicked Skull Patch


Our DILLIGAF Design of an Evil Skull, drooling blood, and taking aim with two skeleton hands holding two Six-Shooter Guns, has been Custom Designed by Michael Spano of ArtbySpano.com, and made Exclusively for Wicked Skulls.
This design is only available through WickedSkulls.

Please visit our online store WickedSkulls.com to see how our DILLIGAF - Do I Look Like I Give A Fuck Evil Skull art has been put on everything from Tee Shirts and Leather to Biker Patches, Decals and Clocks.

SkullsBySpano Custom Skull Art Work and Design

The DILLIGAF Store features
Custom Designed DILLIGAF Artwork
by SkullsbySpano.com
Made Exclusively for Wicked Skulls.

WickedSkulls DILLIGAF Leather Wrist Wrap

WickedSkulls DILLIGAF
Hand Crafted Leather Wrist Wrap


Wicked Hydes Leather Wrist Wrap Starting at

  • 3.5" Wide / Hand Tooled Thick Leather
  • Stained and Meticulously Hand Painted
  • 6oz. Top Grade Tooling Leather
  • Soft / Smooth - Cow Hide Backing
  • 4 Sturdy Snap Fasteners

Wicked Skulls DILLIGAF Leather - Hand Crafted in the USA. DILLIGAF Wrist Wraps, Skull Belts, Skull Guitar Straps, Skull Phone Holders and more. Available at WickedSkulls.com


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